Refund Policy

Order Cancellation

All orders can be canceled, but not after:

  • the packaging and shipping process had already started; or
  • your order had already been shipped.


Refunds will be subject to our verification system.

a.  Full refunds will only be made in the following circumstances:

  • you did not receive your order in 70 business days, not including the 2-5 business days processing time;
  • you did not receive your order;
  • you received the wrong item(s);
  • the item(s) are of another color; and
  • damage to the item(s), as a result, cannot be used for its intended purpose.

b.  Partial refunds may be given in the following situations:

  • partial refunds may be given if the item(s) sustained minor damage and can be used for its intended purpose;
  • if items are missing from your order, please contact us to either reorder the items or refund you for the items that you did not receive.

c.  No refunds will be made if the following occurs:

We’ll do our best to provide you with the best service and take care of you, but there may be times we cannot accommodate a refund:

  • if you changed your mind and do not want the product(s) you have ordered;
  • you did not receive your order but it is the result of areas that you can control, for example, incorrect shipping address;
  • where the descriptions and or colors of the product images may vary from the actual product, please see Terms and Conditions, point 4;
  • you did not receive your order as a result of external, unforeseen, and unavoidable situations not within our control, for example, natural disasters, strikes, order(s) held by customs; and
  • if gift recipients do not want their gifts.

Refund Processing

i.  Refund request

A refund request can be made:

  • within 10 business days after receipt of purchase; or
  • after 70 business days since you placed your order, not including the 2-5 business days processing time.

For a refund request, please contact us by email at and provide us with the following information:

  • Picture of the product(s) and purchase/delivery receipt.
  • Reason for the refund.

ii.  Refund approval

Any shipping costs, duties, taxes, tariffs, handling fees, as applicable, paid on the purchase(s) are not refunded. A refund will only be given for the amount paid for the order(s).

Once we have approved your refund, we will credit the refund to you based on the original payment method. It may take about 14 days to reflect in your account, but processing time frames may vary depending on your financial institution.


There are no exchanges for item(s) purchased.

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