How to Decorate Your Home and Save The Planet at The Same Time

If you want to give your home a fresh new look, you’re probably wondering how to do that without spending a fortune. You’d be happy to know that you already have a lot of materials you can use! If you’d like to upcycle things you no longer use into beautiful home decor, read this guide for our eco-friendly home decoration ideas.

1. Old Form, New Content

See some vintage glass soda bottles at a flea market? Grab them and repurpose them into liquid dispensers. Just get a spray or liquid soap cap and give your bathroom a stylish boho feel, without spending too much money as well.

2. Down to Earth

If you have a couple of sturdy old lampshades that just can’t serve their purpose anymore, take the fabric off and use them as a table base. Place a butcher block or a salvaged piece of wood over the lampshades and you get an incredibly stylish, minimalistic, coffee table for free!

3. Multipurpose Handles

If you find an old purse with a ring handle, take it out and use it as a towel ring. Play with styles and texture, even an unlikely match can look good in your bathroom.

4. Office Relocation

A metal inbox-outbox set can be repurposed to store bread or fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the simple net construction of most paperwork containers, even the most vintage of the inbox-outbox sets will look modern in your kitchen.

5. Sew Up

Looking for an ultimate cottage decoration idea? If you have a big collection of vintage handkerchiefs, sew them together to make a colorful curtain. The diversity of patterns will add personality to the curtain!

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