4 Surprising Uses of Solar Power

Although photovoltaic technology is still far from becoming mainstream, it is being developed at lightning speed. Even now solar panels do incredible things, and who knows, maybe in a couple of years, they will become commonplace. In this article, we’ll share 4 unusual uses of solar power.

1.    A Solar Bodywork

Solar energy is slowly, but steadily making its way on our cars to power ventilation, climate control systems, and more. Toyota was one of the first large car manufacturers to put a solar panel on a car roof to charge the car’s auxiliary battery, which powered climate control and the built-in navigator. Today, Toyota is testing an all-solar car roof for its new Prius, which can generate up to 860 watts and charge the hybrid car on the go. The model isn’t commercially produced right now but the active testing of the technology definitely signifies its potential.

2.    Cooling with Heat

Many developing countries struggle with creating infrastructure for reliable elec­tricity supply, and this is where solar power comes to the rescue. The technology is used in vaccine refrigerators, so healthcare workers can deliver life-saving vaccines in remote, off-the-grid regions.

3.    Hike and Charge

Wearable solar charges are already a thing, and campers and backpackers alike couldn’t be happier. Solar vests and backpacks are capable of charging a cell phone, a music player, a tablet, and more gadgets that are okay with a low-voltage flow of power. While fans of the outdoors will probably appreciate the technology the most, there is a huge potential for the technology to be used in developing regions and in wearable gadgets.

4.    Everything Your Plants Need

If your outdoor plants need more care than rain and sun, consider a solar fountain. A sun-powered water pump allows your plants to be watered without yards of power cords or a nearby outlet.

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